Web Application Development

Undergraduate course, Taibah University, Department of Information Systems

Lab Sheets

These sheets are designed to help students observe, analyse and reflect and hopefully can serve as a set of activities to be enjoyed by students for extra practice. They are originally designed to be delivered in 6-7 weekly lab sessions followed by a few sessions allocated for students to work on an ASP.net project. Please note that these sheets are the 1st that I have written in my career in 2015 as a course instructor — though they have a special place in my heart they can be a bit outdated :)

  • IS312 Lab sheet 01: Introduction to HTML5 [pdf]
  • IS321 Lab sheet 02: Introduction to HTML5 (Part 2&3) [pdf]
  • IS312 Lab sheet 03: Introduction to CSS [pdf]
  • IS312 Lab sheet 04: Introduction to CSS (Part 2) [pdf]
  • IS312 Lab sheet 05: Introduction to JavaScript [pdf]
  • IS312 Lab sheet 06: Introduction to ASP.NET [pdf]
  • CSS Cheat Sheet [pdf]